How It Works

You're free!

You remain free to change or renew contracts as you desire, take holidays when you need and work with whatever Agencies or direct with Clients that you wish.


All you need do is send us weekly/monthly timesheets and we take care of all invoicing, debt collection and HMRC paperwork - saving you hours a week of additional administrative workload that you can spend with your family or earning even more income!


Unlike many financing Management Companies, IFL Management offers complete security for your money built from years of experience. We have worked with Contractors for over 15 years, and have a wide range of products and services to ensure that your finances are structured to take advantage of the most tax efficient programmes available. We always remember that it is your money you have worked hard to earn, and our role is to help you keep as much of it as possible.

Why Choose Us

Whenever we receive an Agency/Client payment, we will pay your salary that same day by BACs and forward the balance to you there and then as PAYE salary. We never hold on to your money.


You will no longer have the hassle of running your own Limited Company and the associated costs. Also Professional Indemnity Insurance up to £100k and our Company is covered for £1 million.
Should you deal direct with a Client, we do not charge any extra fees for our services.
We will pay your salary by BACS on the same day that we receive your income from your Agency/Client.

When and How to Join

You can join IFL Management at any time - pre or mid-contract, and when the time is right you can also leave whenever you wish, no strings attached! Join now to register your details, contact us to discuss any questions or to request a FREE information pack. If you are about to secure a new contract, simply provide us with the details.

If you are mid-contract, just let your Agency know that you would like to reassign your contract to IFL Management, instead of your existing Limited Company. Your Agency will issue a contract for the remaining period to IFL Management which we will need to sign. You can then close your Limited Company, if you desire.

Having completed the preliminaries, you then become an employee of IFL Management. But unlike most employer/employee relationships it's you the employee who calls the shots!